world war anniversary


During a workshop of one week with the graphic designer Alain Lequernec, we had to create a poster for the anniversary of the First World War. I chose to focus my creation on a patriotic message. I began to create a pattern with different weapons. Then I print it and used it as a war flag. I made the poster from a photograph that I transformed on photoshop. I added the sentence "Aux armes citoyens" (which means: "citizens, take up armes"), in reference to the French national anthem. By this way, I wanted to express the paradox to combat the concept of the war by taking up weapons. I also did an other poster with grenades which suggest the genital organs in order to talk about the courage of the soldiers needed.

Durant un workshop d'une semaine
avec Alain Lequernec, nous devions créer un poster
pour l'anniversaire de la première guerre mondiale.
Mon premier poster met en évidence le paradoxe
de combattre l'idée de la guerre avec des armes et fait référence directement avec l'hymne national français.
Le deuxième, quand à lui, transpose des grenades
en parties génitales pour signifier le courage nécessaire aux soldats qui furent au front.

Established in January 2014
/Créé en janvier 2014